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    Postal Address (Snail Mail): An Post

    The Instrumentation Signpost
    Baile na hAbhann
    Co Galway

    Find us! Loc8 Code: K5C-34-RW8 (SatNav, GPS Enabled Handset, on the Web, etc)

    Tá loinaithe i gceann den na ceantreacha is áille in Éirinn. is located in one of the most scenic parts of Ireland.

    Telephone and Fax Numbers - International code for Ireland is 353 :
      Telephone: (0)87 2663282.
      Note this is a GSM phone and text messages may be sent!

      Fax: (0)91 506872 (Note: We rarely have this number connected to fax and recomend that email or ordinary post be used for all written and drawn "paperwork")

    Electronic Mail:

    We originally were connected through IOL - Ireland on-line in the old "Dial-Up" days. When we joined - we were the 700 subscriber! - they were a small company which has ben sold and bought a number of times since. When we moved to our present location it became more problematical especially as broadband connection became essential. Conventional DSL connection is not possible as yet, satelite is extraordinarily expensive and also requires a telephone line. Finally we located a small company, Airwire, in the general area which was able to provide a reliable wireless connection.

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    Socos Teoranta
    Co na Gaillimhe

    Computer Products
    Galway Business Park
    AIB Bank
    An Spidéal
    Co na Gaillimhe.
    Signpost Host
    Vario Inc
    World HQ
    Colarado, USA.
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    Sooner than Later
    Kill Ave, Dún Laoghaire
    Co Dublin


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    about us!
    About us!

    The site is mantained by Eoin Ó Riain and any suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome.
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