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17/4/2014 16/4/2014
    PRODUCT Fast, accurate measurements of weights and forces - The new Siwarex WP321 from Siemens is a compact, versatile weighing module for the distributed I/O Simatic ET 200SP.

    NEWS Cyber-secure experts become partners! - Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading provider of certified, cyber-secure network solutions for critical information systems, infrastructure and industrial automation, is an ISA Promotional Partner.

    EVENTS Fieldbus users event in Britain! - The Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee (FFUKMC) is finalising its plans for the first of its 2014 schedule of end user events – a FOUNDATION Technology Study Day to be held in Stockport on Tuesday 13 May, 2014.

    NEWS Distributor for enclosures & connectors! - The new Britain and Ireland distributor for Roxburgh, Deltron Enclosures and Deltron Connectors is Anglia Components.

15/4/2014 14/4/2014 11/4/2014 10/4/2014
    Publication Everything you need to know about industrial climate control! - Rittal has produced a handy publication from the their Technology Library, providing information on a variety of topics, including the basic principles of climate control, energy saving opportunities and project planning, installation and operation - even for more complex applications.
    Chingis Lalaev
    Establishing Servomex office in Moscow: Chingis Lalaev joins Servomex as Area Sales Manager for Russia and CIS.

    PRODUCT IO-Link master - Siemens has developed a new IO-Link master for its Simatic S7-1200 controller, based on the current IO-Link specification V1.1.

    NEWS Expansion for Romanian automation plant! - Emerson Process Management is expanding the company's existing manufacturing and engineering services campus in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

    PRODUCT One of the world's most compact frequency inverters - WEG has added the CFW100 mini frequency inverter to its line of frequency inverters.

    NEWS Automation Group lauded for industry advocacy! - Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council, a global business leadership network dedicated to senior executives in the manufacturing industry, recently recognised the Automation Federation as one of 100 world-class manufacturing companies in its 2014 Leadership 100 Awards (ML100 Awards) program

9/4/2014 8/4/2014
    EVENTS Cyber Security for Industrial Control and Automation Systems: Conference - This conference on the 8th of May 2014 in Cork we will address the nature of Industrial Cyber Security threats and show what steps many of the control system manufacturers and end users are taking as they implement Cyber Security Standards like ISA/IEC62443 (Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security) and ISA99.
    Seán Fairest
    Seán Fairest is Country Manager for Compressor Technique in Ireland with Atlas Copco

    PRODUCT Gesture and multi-touch operation of machines and plants! - Siemens has new flat-panel monitors and panel PCs with industrial standard 19 and 22-inch widescreen displays for gesture and multi-touch operation.

    PRODUCT PCI and PXI programmable resistors - Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PCI and PXI Programmable Resistors.

    PRODUCT Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches - Harting has introduced two new families of unmanaged Ethernet switches that are optimised for use in harsh industrial environments and offer a choice of compact designs for economy and ease of installation in a variety of customer applications.

    EVENTS Revving up in Stuttgart!BLOG - The Emerson Global Users Exchange in Europe was a three-day event for existing and potential users of Emerson Process Management products and services. The event was held from 1-3rd April 2014 in Stuttgart, the capital of the German Land (State) of Baden-Wurtemburg (D).

    NEWS Particle trouble in Downing Street! - Recently, the British Prime Minister's car was covered by a thin layer of Saharan dust and air quality was suddenly a lead item in the national news. The dust itself does not pose a serious hazard to health in comparison with the finer particles (from diesel engines for example) that travel deep into the lungs, but Jim Mills, MD of Air Monitors, believes that the media attention that this event inspired should have a positive effect on Britain's strategy for improving air quality.

    PRODUCT Software helps take advantage of OPC standard! - The MatrikonOPC UA Proxy has just been launched. It makes it easy for companies to take advantage of the next generation Open Process Control (OPC) standard - OPC Unified Architecture (UA) - whilst continuing to use their existing OPC classic architectures.

    APPLICATION Temperature monitoring system for rotary kilns! - Raytek has introduced a new generation of CS210 system for non-contact temperature measurement and monitoring of rotary kiln shells. The modular system now integrates up to four infrared line scanners for monitoring long and difficult-to-access kilns.

    PRODUCT Configure PLCs and machines remotely! - HMS Industrial Networks now introduces Netbiter Remote Access into the Netbiter Remote Management solution. Remote Access is a technology that provides an instant, secure communication tunnel to remote equipment, such as PLCs and machines.

    PRODUCT Hyperspectral data acquisition management tools! - Headwall has released its new Hyperspec III application software featuring a powerful set of hyperspectral data acquisition management tools.

    PRODUCT PXI microwave switch modules from Pickering! - Pickering Interfaces is improving and expanding its range PXI Microwave Switching Modules.

    New website is an immeasurable resource for automation professionals! - The International Society of Automation (ISA) has officially launched its brand-new website, a state-of-the-art, customer- and member-centric portal that delivers a more personalized and satisfying experience in showcasing ISA's products, services, resources and technical information.
    PRODUCT I/P transmitter - Moore Industries has released a new version of its IPH²/IPX² Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transmitter. Along with updated certifications, the IPH²/IPX² features 22 direct and reverse output ranges, with switch-selectable reverse output standard on the IPX².

    PRODUCT Diaphragm metering pump - The CHEM-PRO M™ series metering pump, from Blue-White, has the features and attributes industry pros have wanted, but couldn't find in Diaphragm Metering Pumps currently on the market.

    APPLICATION Sensor measures film & sheet thickness - Yokogawa has included its WEBFREX3ES online sensor to Faustel's Technology Center. The sensor performs accurate online measurements of film and sheet thickness.

    APPLICATION Method of analysing autmotive fuel! - PAC's AC Analytical Controls Reformulyzer M4 fully complies with the recently released revision of the multi-dimensional GC method EN ISO 22854 method, "Liquid petroleum products -- Determination of hydrocarbon types and oxygenates in automotive-motor gasoline and in ethanol (E85) automotive fuel - Multidimensional gas chromatography method", from CEN and ISO

    The below product details and applications were released during Emerson Exchange User Group in Stuttgart - (April 1 to 4) full report follows shortly!

    PRODUCT Greatly expanded market for business critical applications! - Emerson's Pervasive Sensing will more than double the existing $16 billion measurement market by helping production facilities enhance site safety, reliability, energy efficiency and more!

    APPLICATION Wireless transmitter network with hydrocarbon sensors enables continuous monitoring of tanks, valves and pipelines - BP is using Smart Wireless technology from Emerson Process Management as part of a leak detection system that helps enhance safety at its chemical production centre in Geel, Belgium.

    APPLICATION Online vibration monitoring of pumps identifies potential problems earlier, enabling planned maintenance and greater plant availability - Emerson Process Management's wireless condition monitoring and prediction system is being used at the SABIC Olefins plant in Teesside in the North of England, to detect potential problems with pumps before they disrupt normal operations.

    PRODUCT Asset management software update reduces fieldbus device commissioning time by up to 80% - Emerson Process Management's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager is now capable of commissioning FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices faster with the new version 12.5 software. Users can bring devices on-line with the features, options and alerts they select - in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

    PRODUCT Air cooled heat exchanger monitoring solution! - Emerson Process Management has unveiled a new wireless Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Monitoring Solution that expands its already robust Essential Asset Monitoring Suite.

    APPLICATION Cooling tower monitoring - Emerson Process Management has introduced an integrated Cooling Tower Monitoring solution as the latest addition to its Essential Asset Monitoring capabilities.

    PRODUCT Dealing with dull, distant, dirty and dangerous locations! - The Pièce de r´sistance of this years Emerson Users Conference in Stuttgart was undoubtedly the introduction of its Integrated Operations Initiative to addresses customers' needs for streamlined decision-making, easily accessible expertise and the safe, collaborative collocation of essential personnel.

2/4/2014 1/4/2014
    PRODUCT Embedded computer! - ADLINK Technology has released the new Extreme Rugged™ HPERC-IBR system.

    PRODUCT Self-contained dew-point instrument - The DryCheck from Michell is an accurate and stable dew-point instrument, which includes a built-in simple sampling system. Its compact size allows the instrument to be easily installed in a number of dew point measurement applications, such as compressed air dryers, ozone generators, plastic moulding machines and industrial gas manufacture.

Marta 2014 March
31/3/2014 28/3/2014
    EVENTS Seminar & workshop on safety requirements for hazardous pipelines! - Together with ILF, ROSEN, TÜV Nord and the Dutch metrological institute NMi/NMi Euroloop, Krohne is holding a two-day seminar & workshop event entitled "Safety requirements for hazardous liquid and gas pipelines" in June 2014.

    PRODUCT Remote control and monitoring of a logic module via SMS - Using the Logo! CMR2020 communications module from Siemens, users can control the Logo! 8 logic module or receive status data and alarms via text messages to their cell phones.

    EVENTS Process safety to be examined!- ACM Facility Safety and the Institute of Hazard Prevention present the Inspire 2014 Conference on May 6-8, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta, (CDN). The theme is how the interaction among Culture, Safety and Technology can be used to improve safety in process plants.

    PRODUCT Pumping control software from WEG! - Pump Genius process control software, from WEG, enables engineers to optimise their pumping systems, so they run more efficiently.

    PRODUCT Multiplexer range expanded! - Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI 10A multiplexers with the introduction of a new 10A power multiplexer.

    NEWS Projects in China! - Yokogawa has received orders from Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. (Yanchang Petro) to supply Yokogawa control systems for two groundbreaking oil plant construction projects in China.

    PRODUCT Push together piping! - Atlas Copco Compressors' AIRnet piping system is being enhanced with the addition of the Pre Fit (PF) Series, a unique family of products that are pre-torqued for push-together assembly.

    PRODUCT Component control patent on metering pumps! - A new patented feature is currently available on Blue-White's Flex-Pro® A3 and A4 Metering Pumps; and Proseries-M® models M-3 and M-4 Metering Pumps.

    PRODUCT Enhanced viewing angle performance for demanding applications! - A new Kyocera Advanced Wide View TFT display module has been announced by Ginsbury.

    EVENTS Test and debug event! - The 'ElectroTestExpo' has announced the dates for its regional PCB test and debug exhibitions to be held during 2014.

26/3/2014 25/3/2014
    PRODUCT Real-time data export via OPC and enhanced usability - Datapaq has released its Insight Software version 7.3 with enhanced features for temperature profiling and analysis in all kinds of industrial heating processes. Insight now supports the real-time export of data via OPC ("Open Platform Communications").

    PRODUCT Biogas always under control! - Krohne has released a specialised version of the OPTISONIC 7300 ultrasonic gas flowmeter for process gas applications.

    PRODUCT Temperature & pressure calibration! - Fluke has introduced two new high-accuracy Temperature Calibrators, the Fluke 712B and 714B, plus the new Fluke 750P series of Pressure Calibration Modules.

    EVENTS Istanbul welcomes international emissions monitoring event! - CEM 2014 is the 11th in a series of international conferences and exhibitions focusing on emissions monitoring and is scheduled for Istanbul in Turkey from 14th to 16th May 2014.

24/3/2014 21/3/2014
    NEWS ISO 17025 calibration extensions! - LotusWorks, headquartered in Sligo and with operations throughout Ireland and internationally, have recently added Pipette and Balance calibration to their existing ISO 17025: 2005 scope of accreditation.

    PRODUCT A new concept In screen saving! - The versatile 'OneTime configuration tools' provided with the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Autoscribe, not only allow the system to be configured without the use of custom programming, but also uniquely provide an audit trail each time a display screen for the system is updated or modified.

    NEWS Imaging and machine vision acquisition in Europe! - STEMMER IMAGING has acquired Parameter AB, the leading imaging and machine vision provider for Northern Europe and Poland, with retroactive effect from 1st January 2014. STEMMER IMAGING, as Europe's largest imaging technology provider, is now represented with local subsidiaries in eleven countries, rather than the previous seven, and covers 19 sales regions.

    PRODUCT Connector with robust M12 module for applications at up to 10 Gbit/s! - Harting has expanded its connector family based on Ha-VIS preLink® technology by adding a robust universal M12 connector housing designed to incorporate a range of connector modules.

    PRODUCT Biogas always under control! - Optisonic 7300 Biogas is a dedicated flowmeter for biogas applications from Krohne. The device is a specialised version of the Optisonic 7300 ultrasonic gas flowmeter for process gas applications.

    PRODUCT Managing remote & central office fibre network connections! - B&B Electronics has developed a modular generation of its Carrier-grade, intelligent, four-port IE-iMcV-MultiWay Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter that can install in AC or DC internal-powered chassis.

    EVENTS Technical talk! - The next presentation from the very active Ireland Section of the International Society of Automation is a technical presentation "Continuous Monitoring and Diagnosing PROFIBUS Networks using COMbricks".

    PRODUCT World's first on-line Guided Wave Radar integrity testing - The world's first on-line Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitter and probe testing function has been introduced by Emerson.

    Learn sensor measurements fundamentals - Back by popular demand, the 4-part Sensor Measurements Fundamentals webcast series will be broadcast at the end of March, to help engineers and scientists acquire reliable and accurate measurements as part of their monitoring, test or control system.

    APPLICATION Huge load cell for China! - LCM Systems has won a contract to supply a 2000te TCA tension and compression load cell to China - the largest in the company's history.

    PRODUCT Powerful connectivity - Powerlink is an industrial Ethernet network originating from the Austrian automation company B+R. It is now receiving recognition from many manufacturers of automation products and systems around the world.

    PRODUCT Mobile material logistics software! - A live, hands-on demonstration of the Aegis FactoryLogix mobile material logistics module, inStock will be possible at next week's APEX in Las Vegas (NV USA), (March 25-27).

    APPLICATION Strain sensors in welding of "difficult" materials - World leading manufacturer of resistance welding technology, Sciaky Electric Welding Machines Ltd, is using Kistler piezoelectric strain sensors to meet the demands of the aerospace industry for the precise monitoring of the welding process

    EVENTS Growth, innovation and leadership study - The key trends driving growth will be analysed during Frost & Sullivan's GIL 2014: Europe that returns to London for its sixth consecutive year on Wednesday 14th May in Kensington (London GB). Frost & Sullivan's Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Community of business leaders from all over Europe will gather to share ideas and strategies.

    PRODUCT Power controller! - Invensys Eurotherm has launched the new EFit SCR Power Controller. The EFit is an easy to integrate and commission power controller, providing no compromise on control for resistive and infrared heating elements.

    PRODUCT Bright ideas for measuring! - The days of complex single-beam evaluations for standard tasks and cumbersome configuration are over. The new LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest member in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of automation light grids.

    PRODUCT High flow capacity tank blanketing regulators - Emerson has released the T200 Series small-size tank blanketing regulators.

    EVENTS ProComSol are in the Field Communication Lounge - ProComSol is participating in the Field Communication Lounge at the Hannover Messe. The Field Communication Lounge, located in Hall 9, Stand D68, will showcase all major field bus technologies, including HART.

    NEWS Adlink acquires expert in embedded PC systems. - Adlink Technology has acquiresd 100% of PENTA GmbH in Germany for approximately [euro]5.4m following a board resolution earlier this month.

    APPLICATION Aircraft lightning protection testing! - A major British manufacturer of aircraft engine control units recently awarded Pickering Interfaces a contract for a large quantity of High-Density PXI Multiplexers (model #40-651) as the switching solution for use in its new automated production test systems

    EVENTS Food & Pharma symposium! - More than 70 automation and control professionals gathered at the inaugural ISA Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries Division (FPID) Symposium to learn how to address emerging serialisation requirements and supply chain processes that are driving major changes in global food and pharmaceuticals distribution.

    PRODUCT 2-wire transmitter offers frequency/pulse options & precise software control - Acromag's newest addition to the TT230 series of space-saving thin transmitters is the TT239 frequency transmitter. Designed to deliver flexibility while maintaining optimal performance, it supports frequency, pulse, and pulse-width modulation (PWM) input signals.

    PRODUCT Binary gas analyser - Michell Instruments has launched a new binary gas analyser - the XTC601 Thermal Conductivity Analyser. It uses thermal conductivity technology to detect percent levels of a target gas mixed with another background gas.

    PRODUCT SEMI F47-0706 compliant power supplies! - The UltiMod and Xgen families of power supplies, from Excelsys Technologies, are now compliant to SEMI F47, an essential standard requirement for Semiconductor Processing Voltage Sag Immunity.

    EVENTS A fresh breeze blows through the Halls! - The global wind energy business is flourishing. Although China and the USA now have more installations than Germany, German industry continues to reap the benefits. Hannover Messe will study this industry!

    PRODUCT Highly accurate humidity & temperature measurement for demanding climate control - The new EE210 transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been developed for highly accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications.

    Publication InTech steams into your iPad! - We don't usually plug automation publications per sé although we have from time to time publicised articles which we feel might be of interest to our visitors. One of the most respected publications in the Automation world is InTech, the periodical of the International Society of Automation. They have just launched a tablet version of the magazine - initially for the iPad but shortly for other platforms

    PRODUCT Industrial data logger! - MatrikonOPC™ has released their Industrial Data Logger, an intelligent automation data gateway that provides third-party connectivity, on-board data collection and intelligent data forwarding in a single box.

    APPLICATION Scrum mechanics study leads to rule changes by International Rugby Board! - As the entire island of Ireland prays for a favourable result in Paris for Brian O'Driscoll's last, and record breaking, appearance in the green jersey this application story comes to us from National Instruments.

    APPLICATION SCADA for water & wastewater application - Yokogawa has received an order from the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to supply a SCADA system for its Centralized SCADA Monitoring Center, which will monitor the city's water distribution network and wastewater facilities.

    PRODUCT Connectors function in environments up to 200°C - Harting has introduced a new high-temperature connector family, the Han(R) HighTemp Series, which enables the reliable transmission of signals and power at temperatures up to 200°C in industrial environments.

    EVENTS Super premium induction motor! - WEG is presenting its new and highly energy-efficient permanent-magnet motors in the W22 series at Hannover this year (Hall 15, StandF11).

    PRODUCT Intelligent pressure transmitters - Invensys has released its new Foxboro I/A Series IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters.

    PRODUCT RS232 HART modem! - ProComSol has released the HM-RS232-ISO RS232 HART Modem. The modem was recently registered by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) to meet the HART Protocol Specifications.

    The Dow Chemical Company specialty chemicals plant located in Deer Park, Texas, USA, was selected as recipient of the 2013 HART Plant of the Year Award

    APPLICATION One billion hours of valve control! - Emerson's FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Series digital valve controller has racked up more than one billion hours of on-line use within the process and energy industries since its introduction in 2010.

    PRODUCT Vortex flowmeter! - Invensys has released its new Foxboro 84 Series Male National Pipe Thread Vortex flowmeter.

    PRODUCT Spectrum analyser! - The new Yokogawa AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser, the successor to the company's best-selling AQ6370C, incorporates a number of new functions designed to enhance its accuracy and analysis capabilities in the 600-1700 nm wavelength range.

    APPLICATION Impact protection testing application! - From its earliest days, D3O's laboratory has used Kistler Instruments' sensors for product development testing and quality control.

    EVENTS Cybersecurity conference announced - The International Society of Automation (ISA) is to conduct a cybersecurity conference in June 2014 to help corporations and operators of critical infrastructure better protect their systems and networks from potentially destructive cyber attacks.

    PRODUCT Housings for TFT monitors - Rittal's stylish housings, with a protection category of IP 65 shielding devices from exposure to dust and water jets, are designed to accommodate TFT screens up to 24" (measured along the diagonal) in the popular 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen formats.

    APPLICATION PLC-controlled drive systems for offshore applications! - Modular liquid-cooled drives and PLCs from ABB have been included in VARD ELECTRO's innovative, application-specific propulsion and thruster power solutions for offshore supply vessels.

11/3/2014 10/3/2014
    PRODUCT Ethernet via two-wire cabling for new and existing systems - The new MM992-2VD (Variable Distance) media module from Siemens enables the use of two-wire cabling, such as Profibus cables, for Ethernet communication, without the need for additional hardware such as modems.

    NEWS Forty years old! - Mantracourt Electronics is celebrating its 40th year in business. The company is recognised as a world leader in the development of micro electronics and software for measurement and data logging.

    Publication Test tools catalogue issued - Fluke has introduced a new 148-page full-colour 2014-2015 Test Tools Catalogue which can viewed online, obtained free by requesting a copy to be sent in the post, or by immediate download as a pdf file.

    EVENTS Economist to shed positive light on future to system integrators! - Economist Alan Beaulieu's message for the industrial automation community is one of optimism and action. Beaulieu, a recognised economist and the president of ITR Economics, will deliver the keynote address at the 2014 Executive Conference of the Control System Integrators Association, (23-26/4/2014 San Diego, CA USA).

    PRODUCT Ten thermocouple channel model for glass tempering! - Datapaq is extending its Furnace Tracker product range with the addition of a new ten thermocouple channel model, designed specifically for use in low height furnaces.

    PRODUCT Analog input Ethernet modules - Acromag has released two of their newest models in the BusWorks® XT Series of Ethernet I/O modules. The XT1230 and XT1240 models provide a 16-channel interface for single-ended analog current or voltage input signals with Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet, or i2o® peer-to-peer communication

    PRODUCT Redifining the SMU - National Instruments has announced the NI PXIe-4139 system source measure unit (SMU), a high-performance addition to the company's SMU portfolio.
    EVENTS Developer tour announced! - The National Instruments LabVIEW Developer Tour of Britain & Ireland in April offers engineers and scientists the opportunity to learn programming skills from a range of technical sessions, product demonstrations and hands-on sessions, aimed at both the new and experienced user.

    PRODUCT Position controller - "Economical and reliable" is how the experts are describing the Festo position controller, CMSX, designed for double-acting quarter turn actuators. A unique feature of the controller is the ability to provide a pre-definable safety position for the process valve.

    NEWS New wireless member - The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute announced today that Spirax Sarco, a leader in products and services for steam system solutions, has recently joined the ISA100 Wireless™ Compliance Institute.

    PRODUCT PID control for wide range of temperature & process signals! - Red Lion Controls has launched its new PXU series of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. The PXU series, which is the latest addition to their portfolio of industrial automation solutions, is designed for machine builders, systems integrators and commercial equipment manufacturers.

    PRODUCT Industrial display! - KOE has announced the introduction of a new 9.0-inch Rugged+ TFT display. The TX23D201VM0BAA display features IPS-Pro (in-plane switching), WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution and a 15:9 wide aspect ratio.

    EVENTS Foundation co-sponsors Field Communication Lounge! - The Fieldbus Foundation joins the FDT Group, HART Communication Foundation, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute, OPC Foundation and PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International), hosting the fourth co-sponsored Field Communication Lounge exhibit.

    Dave Emerson
    Dave Emerson of Yokogawa Corporation of America is to be inducted into the Process Automation Hall of Fame, Class of 2014
    NEWS Best company to work for! - For the sixth consecutive year SolutionsPT is celebrating being named in the prestigious British newspaper, Sunday Times as on of the 100 Best Small Companies to Work For.

    PRODUCT Direct insertion density & concentration meter! - The next generation of Emerson's market-leading Micro Motion 7826 and 7828 direct insertion density meters has been released.

    EVENTS European pump conference! - WEG is to sponsor the Europump Conference which is to be held at St. Andrews in Scotland in May 2014.

    PRODUCT New explosion-protected pressure transmitters - LABOM will present their intrinsically safe pressure transmitters PASCAL Ci4 for absolute pressure and PASCAL Ci4 Delta P for differential pressure at Hannover Messe.

    Research & EducationTesting in 2014 - looking forward!BLOG - National Instruments has released its Automated Test Outlook 2014, highlighting the company's research into the latest test and measurement technologies and methodologies.

    PRODUCT Compact and low cost single output switching power supplies - The JSF series of single output enclosed switched mode power supplies from Stadium Power now offer a compact and low cost power supply with a high operating temperature up to 70*C for industrial, instrumentation, telecoms and IT systems.

    APPLICATION Supervising champagne tank - World-renowned top-quality champagne house Veuve Clicquot uses instrumented and automated facilities. Thanks to PcVue, it now has a smart system that supervises fermentation in its 400 fermentation tanks.

    PRODUCT Power usage effectiveness efficiency package from Rittal - Rittal now offer customers an optional efficiency package to determine and display the energy consumption in a RiMatrix S standardized data centre via the power usage effectiveness (PUE) value.

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