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    Last changes to this page: 1/4/2017

    Blogs are another way of communication with like minded people. There are many kinds and qualities of blog andf blogger and here are a few which may be of interest to automation professionals!

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    The Read-out Instrumentation Signpost joined the bloggers and we set up Wordpressour own Blog in March 2009...! This mostly talks about applications and technology. It also has a list of the more active bloggers in the field of automation.

    A Bloggersecond blog
    was opened in July 2009. This is usually contains releases from companies where they do not have html copies on their website!
    Both are updated regularly!
    There is a fairly full listing of other automation blogs on the side columns of our blogs.

    In passing we should mention twittertwitter logo, where we also have a presence. This is a useful way of keeping up with developments. Doing a search for "#PAuto" will get a list of information and links of interest to the process automation sector!

  • AN-Ex. Thoughts on what's happening in the Ex field. This blog has been created to give a view of what's happening in the field of hazardous area instrument and electrical systems. Though started by MTL personnel it seems relatively unbiased.

  • Bill's Blog Contemporary Controls' "online journal" created to increase awareness of Industrial Ethernet.

  • Business marketing On-line Strictly speaking not automation or even engineering but these guys have an engineering background and ounderstand how an engineer's mind works!

  • Design News' Automation and Control Blog - "The latest news, information and trends on motors, drives, controllers, actuators, industrial networks, robotics, and sensors for design engineers."

    If you thought that engineers have a warped sense of humour An Engineering Mind from Todd who works (we think) on LabVIEW graphical programing software at National Instruments. It features many items including videos which poke fun at CERN, give dating advice for engineers, and sometimes have a few and enjoy!

    Evolving Excellence - Thoughts on lean enterprise leadership from the editors of Superfactory.

    In Control - About embedded electronic control systems - mantained by David Gibson, SPLat Controls

    ISA S88 Control - Comments and musings about Control Systems and the ISA 88 standard, primarily Part 1 and Part 5, from a real control engineer, who wears a suit rarely - but sometimes!

    Mackey's Musing Steve Mackey of IDC Technologies puts his thoughts on-line!

    Gary Mintchel's Blog - One-time Editor In Chief Automation World. Listen also to his podcasts Automation Minutes.

    The Nanotechnology Test Weblog keeps visitors abreast of the latest news in the nanotechnology and MEMS industry through frequent posts of technical and business developments.

    Talk to Me - Perspectives from ISA's InTech Editor Greg Hale.

    Jim Pinto's Weblog - Though strictly not a blog this has lots of interesting and sometimes controversial stuff to read.

    Sound off! Control Editor's blog (Walt Boyes)

    Instrumentation Tools - S Bharadwaj Reddy shares articles on automation. Guest Articles/Submit Articles section introduced so that visitors can share their knowledge/material contributing to Instrumentation Community.

    Processingtalk Blog - your chance to comment on the editorials on Nick Denbow's weekly enews.

    ProSoft Blog - ProSoft Technology talks industrial automation

    The PTO blog - to keep you abreast of PTO events and happenings almost as they happen. (ProfiBus US).

  • The site is mantained by Eoin Ó Riain and any suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome.
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