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Christmas Stamps

A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.

She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"

The clerk says, "What denomination?"

The woman says, "God help us. Has it come to this?! Give me 6 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptist!"

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This is a list of people who are willing to exchange stamps, either of countries or particular themes.
If you wish to be on this list please e-mail Readout with your details. Don't forget to include full postal address.

Happy Collecting!

A nominal amount is usually requested from each person listed here.
When somebody complains about a person listed on the Stamp Exchange List, the person complained about is removed with-out notice. We do not have the resources to investigate the matter further. If the person removed contacts us they may reregister.

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This is a useful list of country codes

These are from letters from some of our participants -

From S&B Queensland Austrailia
I am writing to ask you to remove my details from your website, please. Since joining the site a few years ago, I have been contacted by so many people asking to exchange stamps that my stamp supplies are now too low for comfortable exchanging.
Thankyou for providing such a great service - it has been really very good.

From WWW Australia
I am still, after several months since first putting my details onto your website, getting lots of collectors contacting me about exchanging stamps so I am very happy with this.

From: EW Bahrain
Thank you for adding me in your list, I would like to inform you that I want to remove my name and my address from the list. I have received a huge number of letters in few days of issuing my address in your list, and I had a shot time in sending them stamps from my area as they required, because I don't have that huge number of stamps for exchanging. I will inform you to add me again when I will became ready in the future, and being able to exchange a huge number of stamps.
Thank you very much

From:CT Greece:
I m listed in your stamp exchange list. I have received more than 100 mails in the last 2 years and i have run out of stamps. So, please, write my ad off from your list, as i can't meet the expectations of the exchangers. I will send you a new ad as soon as i gather enough stamps. Thanks a lot for your great job.

From: DH (USA)
"Due to the overwhelming responses, could you change my ad to read as follows?..." (Oct'06)

From:LB, (Swedan)
"I have been a member of your web site for about one year and the response have been enormous. I have during this time received about 500 e-mails from people who are willing to exchange stamps. However, that is much more then I could expect and that I could handle.
So, please, could you remove my AD from the web site."

From:IM (Croatia)
"Thanks to Your internet page I had about 100 stamps exchanges in a period of about one month."

From AS (New Zealand):
"Please delete my details from your list. I have had so many replies I have run out of stamps and need more time to get some more."

from Israel:
"Since I was included three days ago I already got three emails"

From Québec:
"..and thanks for adding me to your list. I've already met people from Germany, Latvia, Austria and Australia."

From Saskatoon:
"I've already received 3 emails from stamp collectors. Great!"

From the Netherlands!
I have been placed on your list a few months ago, and I have traded many stamps since then. I have noticed however that lately I can not supply enough stamps for trade anymore, and people are still sending me stamps (without getting in touch first).
Can you please remove me from the list? I fear I will be unable to reciprocate in the future, and I would not want that.

Last changes to list: 2/9/2021
  • Wolfgang Huber
    Strandbadstrasse 3/2 A 3400 Klosterneuburg
    An Ostair - Austria

    Interests: I want to swap packages of 50 worldwide used commemorative stamps. I want to receive same quantity and quality. I can guarantee a good mixture of countries.
+ a
  • babs in Tasmania
    PO Box 1534 Launcestown Tasmania 7250
    An Astráil - Australia

    Interests: I am willing and able to swap mint Australian stamps as they are issued . Want N.Z . USA . France and Canada
+ aus
  • Denis Wadsworth
    85 Southgate Way Langwarrin VIC 3910
    An Astráil - Australia

    Interests: Interested in swapping G.B.. Aust. N.Z. Canada & U.S.A. have mostly Australian. 50 Lots at a time email if interested 
+ aus
  • Kel Maloney
    PO Box 214 Mofffat Beach 4551
    An Astráil - Australia

    Interests: I have used Australian stamps still on paper to exchange for Germany / Canada / U.S.A / Belgium. If interested please contact.
+ aus
  • Harry Haralambous
    152 Tennyson Road Tennyson Point NSW 2111
    An Astráil - Australia

    Interests: I have been collecting stamps for over 50 years up to the year 2000. I would like to expand my collection and am looking for the following:
    USED commemorative stamps from 1990 of Western Europe, Asia and British African countries.
    I offer Australia, Br Colonies and some WW countries minimum 100 per exchange.
+ aus
  • David Moles
    Po Box 77 Sherwood Queensland 4075
    An Astráil - Australia

    Interests: I am interested in exchanging stamps from Australia (either mint or used) for mint stamps of other countries. Exchange one for one in lots of 50.
    I am particularly interested in mint copies of European countries for all recent issues, including used mini-sheets.
    I will also buy mint decimal Australian stamps (mounted or unmounted) at 40 percent of face value and can pay using Paypal.
+ aus
  • Claeys Jean
    Roze 14 9900 Eeklo
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: I collect used stamps from G.B., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA. I can offer Used stamps from Belgium and G.B.. Want lists are welcome.
+ B
  • Michel Bogaerts
    Aarschotsestraat 112 1800 Peutie
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: I'm looking for worldwide stamps about Birds-Movies-Singers-Actors-Animals. I can offer Belgium stamps and some other European Countries. Don't hesitate to mail me.100-100 or 50-50
+ B
  • Vincent Lefebvre
    171 av Parmentier 1150 Brussels
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: stamps from your country in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand before year 2001 (no collection after year 2000) - preferably commemoratives.   Offer: stamps from Belgium and Western Europe. Swapping 50 units minimum at a time.
+ B
  • Michel Schelfhaut
    Kerkstraat 35/201 B 1640 Sint Genesius Rode
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: Looking for Western Europe large size used stamps. I have have lots of worldwide for exchange. Only on 1/1 basis by shipments of 50 or 100 pieces. I don't work with wantlists.
+ B
  • Benoit Hontoir
    Rue de Campine 136 B 4000 Liège
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: I especially collect used stamps from Belgium, Germany, Ireland & Austria. But I am also interested in Scandinavian, Baltic countries, China, Cuba, Canada, R.D.C. (Congo), Taiwan, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, RSA and… Madagascar. I can offer lots of used stamps from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, USSR, United Emirates, China, the Netherlands, etc. I propose to first exchange a package of 50. Maybe more after that… Basis exchange “Michel” catalogues apart WW countries.
+ B
  • Rajen S Parikh
    26 Beukenlaan 2020 Antwerpen
    An Bheilg - Belgium

    Interests: I have a lot of used postage stamps of Germany France Switzerland U.K and USA all before the years 2001 which I would like to exchange for the following:
    "UK after the year 2006
    USA after the year 1995
    Switzerland after the year 2009
    Also looking for Finland after 1996
    " All in good condition and in lots of at least 100 at a time
0 B
  • Gerry Sweeney
    3985 Fremont Laval QC H7T 1T6

    Interests: I have a huge collection of mint never hinged canadian stamps from 1955-1992 that i would like to exchange for ww.mints from 1999-date. You must send first lot of 100-200 due to high cost of postage
+ cdn
  • S.F. Tang
    25 Brimwood Blvd #77 Scarborough ONT M1V 1E2

    Interests: I am interested in collecting worldwide stamps, especially Pacific Islands' stamps, as well as Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain etc. I can offer used stamps on your request. I perfer to trade 1x1 basis, large to large, small to small, old or new issues in package of 150 and up .  Please email first before sending and tell what stamps you would like to collect. All emails will be answered .
+ cdn
  • Francoise Lacasse
    218 Rue Yvette Magog, QC J1X6X5

    "First announcement:
    I am giving away FREE sets of 200 commonly used (definitive or ordinary) world stamps. My sets are already prepared as I file my stamps in my albums. There is no obligation on your part but I will accept duplicates if you wish. When you contact me mention ""Free Stamps"" and your postal address.

    Première annonce:
    Je donne gratuitement (FREE) des lots de 200 timbres d'usage courant (définitifs ou ordinaires) du monde. Mes lots sont déjà préparés au fur et mesure que je classe mes timbres dans mes albums. Aucune obligation de votre part mais j'accepte de vos doubles si vous le voulez. Lorsque vous me contactez mentionnez ""Free Stamps"" et votre adresse postale. " "
    Second announcement:
    Exchange of commemorative stamps (usually large format without CTOs) from the WW world on a 1/1 basis in multiples of 50 up to 200 for a first mailing. My stamp lots are prepared as I sort through my thousands of stamps in my albums. Mixed lots that vary constantly. All different stamps. No scanning and mancolist. When you contact me, mention ""For commemorative purposes"". In return I expect to receive equivalent stamps or commemorative stamps without CTOs.

    Deuxième annonce:
    Échange de timbres commémoratifs (généralement grand format sans CTOs) du monde WW sur base 1/1 en multiples de 50 jusqu'à 200 pour un premier envoi. Mes lots de timbres sont préparés au fur et mesure que je classe mes milliers de timbres dans mes albums. Lots mixtes qui varient constamment. Timbres tous différents. Sans scan et mancoliste. Lorsque vous me contactez, mentionnez ""Pour commémoratifs"". En retour je m'attends à recevoir des timbres équivalents soit des timbres commémoratifs sans CTOs. "

0 cdn
  • Al Chafetz
    336 Pumphill Crescent SW Calgary Alberta T2V4M1

    Interests: Want 200 - 300 stamps from your country (or country of choice)
    Offer 200 - 300 from Greece, Australia, Brazil
0 cdn
  • Monnet Jean-Daniel
    La Fontaine 1921 Martigny-Croix
    An Eilbhéis - Switzerland

    Interests: i sell my Swiss stamps as fallows: if a stamp cost 1 euro, I do it to 0.10 euros, a 50 euro stamp = 5 Euros. If you are interested, you can send me Your Wantlist (I have the catalog Yvert 2009, Michel 2010, Zumstein 2011). I am open for all propositions; PS: Payment with PayPal, Bank transaction or by registered lette
+ ch
  • Vyleta Karel
    Dolany u Klatov 78 339 01 Klatovy
    Poblacht na tSeice - Czech Republic

    Interests: I like exchanging postaly used stamps 50/100 at time 1x1 basis. Send me 50/100 used stamps from your country, in return i will send you 50/100 czech and czechoslovak used stamps (or ww stamps on request).
+ cz
  • Ondrej Wagner
    Bechynova 1614/5 160 00 Praha 6
    Poblacht na tSeice - Czech Republic

    Interests: I would like to change used stamps (100 per 100 or more in one cover). I prefer everything concerning railways and trains, and steam engines
+ cz
  • Vaclev Trpalek
    25101 Ricany Pakov 93 Praha vychod
    Poblacht na tSeice - Czech Republic

    Interests: I want exchange used stamps from whole world. Swap:1:1
+ cz
  • Gerold Döding
    Prälat-Morthorst Straße 49424 Goldenstedt
    An Ghearmáin - Germany

    Interests: I would like to swap stamps from ANYWHERE in the world! I can offer used stamps mainly from germany but also from other countries, for example Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, USA. I collect no special topic, my aim is getting used stamps from many different countries as possible. Exchange 50:50 or like another proposal from you is ok for me.
+ d
  • Claus J. Andersen
    Soholmparken 20 4200 Slagelse
    An Danmhairg - Denmark

    Interests: I collect ww cancelled stamps, especially from Western Europe, where I need many from the smaller countries, like San Marino, Vatican, Monaco, Andorra, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, etc. But I can also use stamps from other countries.
    Send me 100 or 200 different stamps and return the same from Denmark or Germany,South Africa, Belgium.
    Please let me know what country you need.
+ dk
  • Jose Juan Martinez
    C/Heman Cortes 18 06260 Monesterio Badajoz
    An Spáin - Spain

    Interests: I would like to trade stamps from worldwide and I can offer stamps from worldwide as well.
+ e
  • Jose Manuel Muñoz Bou
    Calle Nápoles 12, 1°,1°, 12200 Onda Castellón
    An Spáin - Spain

    Interests: I would like to trade both used or unused stamps from any country on quantities from 50 to 100, I offer both used and unused spanish stamps , normal ones or commemorative depending on the type you send
0 es
  • Luis Ángel Álvarez Larrea
    Almagro, num.3-5 - A 28850 Torrejon de Ardoz Madrid
    An Spáin - Spain

    Interests: Interest : Busco sellos mint, de Francia, Italia, Russia, Polonia, Rumania, Hungria, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay.
    Ofrezco : A cambio, sellos mint de mi pais España, hasta el año 2020.
    Series completas en mint del tema WWF, con FDC, de las mismas series. Series completas en mint del tema Olimpiadas.
0 es
  • Juan M.Gallardo
    c/Maldonado 28 29788 Frigiliana Málaga
    An Spáin - Spain

    Interests: I would like to be accepted in your website to be able to swap worldwide used postage stamps with people all over the world.
0 es
  • Alain Schwob
    15 Allée Jean Monet F 74940 Annecy le Vieux
    An Fhrainc-France

    Interests:  ww  from 1990 on. Offer : French from 1960 on. Spanish, Swiss, European, African and South American years 70's and 80's. US years 60's and 70's.
+ F
  • Jean Luc Bessiere
    Chemin Puech Lazart 34700 Saint Jean de la Blaquiere
    An Fhrainc-France

    Interests: I'm looking for used Irish stamps by lots; and Scandinavian, French, WW thematic stamps (mushrooms - cactus - birds - polar fauna - monkeys/bears/lemur) by wantlists or scans. I can offer used France, USA, and some other European countries by lots; Scandinavian, French or many different thematic stamps by lists or scans.
+ F
  • Alexander Gruessenmeyer
    14 rue des Méanges 67850 Herrlisheim
    An Fhrainc-France

    Interests: Je peux fournir des timbres de France et d Allemagne.
    Recherche tout pays. Envoi par 50 , 100 , 150 ou 200…
0 F
  • Haedar Karim
    Poste Restante 00100 Helsinki
    An Fhionnlann - Finland

    Interests: Send me 100 different used stamps from your country, and I send you the same from finland.
+ fin
  • Lech Jasiak
    Sapantie 23 79700 Heinavesi
    An Fhionnlann - Finland

    Interests: Offer: Finland mostly from 2007 till now; Åland also the same period; A lot of EUROPA mint sets.
    Wish: Exchange with European countries
0 fin
  • G.Sharma
    65 Darwin Drive Southall Middx UB1 3JY
    Sasana - England

    Interests: Interested in large stamps in quanity to exchange please let me know what you have and what you need. I have GB,India,Australia. Thanks
+ gb
  • Bill maley
    5 Walden Terrace Gifford East Lothian
    Alba - Scotland

    Interests: 2 Britain Stamps for 1 of most countries. only lightly marked and undamaged stamps sent or accepted - contact before sending stamps. off paper if possible. any amount considered.
+ gb
  • Razek Franjo
    Malica 28 Zadubravije HR-35211 Trnjani
    An Chroat - Croatia

    Interests: I collect all mint stamps of world wide. But my priority is FDC "WWF". I answer on all e-mail. I can offer mint stamps and FDC of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia (Herzeg Bosna, Republic Srpska), Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia.
+ h
  • Dave Lee
    Room 909 Tin Yiu House Shun Tin Estate Kwun Tong
    Hong Kong

    Interests: I collect Hong Kong and Chinese stamp and want to exchange European stamp, particularly Hungarian and Portuguese stamp.
+ hk
  • Mauro Spada
    via Canal Grande 39 48018 Faenza (RA)
    An Iodáil - Italy

    Interests: I am an Italian collector of used stamps. I am interested in changes: minimum 100X100, not wantlists in good conditions. I offer Italy, mainly.
+ i
  • Asher Carmi
    AA Collectors, P.O.Box 5105, Ashdod 77150
    Iosráil - Israel
    Interests: Stamps, Phonecards, Notes, Coins, Cards, Pins, Calendars, Magnets, Beverage Stirrer (Mixer), Vehicle License numbers, Matches box, lighters, Key chain, Raffle ticket, Lottery ticket, Soccer tickets, Trip ticket, Magnetic cards, Admission tickets, Membership cards, Stickers, Holograms.
+ il
  • Freda Lanesman
    29/2 Hayovel Street Raanana 43400
    Iosráil - Israel

    Interests: I am interested in exchanging Judaica stamps on one for one basis. Ask for my lists available duplicates. I am also interested in world-wide large size and commemoratives (excluding USA) for exchange on one for one basis inpackets 100-250.
+ il
  • carmi asher
    PO Box 5105 Ashdod 77150
    Iosráil - Israel
    Web Site
    Interests: The following collectible items you can find on my web site; banknots phonecards flags stamps Disney coca cola key chain .beverrage mixer.matches pins and anther valuable items
+ il
  • Tsur Israel
    POB 406 Mettulla 10292
    Iosráil - Israel

    Interests: I offer: used stamps from Germany, Swiss, USA, UK, Canada, Polska,Benelux, Middle East, Italy, Iberia, Scandinavia, Austria, France, NZ, SA, Arab, India, Argentina, etc - used. I look for: Islands, Colonies, Small places - used. other considerable. quantities - any many tx in advance
+ il
    Bhavans Vidya Mandir Road Kadavanthra Ernakulam Kerala State PIN 682 020
    An Ind - India

    Interests: I am from india and have lot of stamps coins and banknotes to exchange. I collect only used stamps in lots of 50/100 . Any body interested please contact me
+ ind
  • Suman Kanjilal
    PO-Nayabazar Dist-South Dinajpur Pin-733142
    An Ind - India

    Interests: Want-worldwide British stamp
    Offer-Saint Helena, cook island, Gibraltar, Coco's Island,Norfolk,Islands,Bhutan, Maldives,st.lucia, Nepal,Japan,China,island of jersey stamp
0 ind
  • Sougata Bhar
    C40 NDDB Campus Khetbari Road Anand 388001 Gujarat
    An Ind - India

    Interests: I can offer stamps of the Indian Sub-continent - both mint and used conditions.
    I am an active Philatelist and collect stamps from all over the world.
0 ind
  • Ayyob Sadraddini
    Baronavak Avadeskhan No 33 P.Cod 5137997371 Tabriz
    An Iaráin - Iran

    Interests: I like to exchange used or unused IRAN stamps with your stamps. In 1 envelope will be 40 unused and 60 used large stamps, if you like reply to my email with your address
+ ir
  • Frank Brady
    21 Melrose Avenue Stameen Drogheda Co Louth A92 RKAO
    Éire - Ireland

    Interests: I am looking for mint or fine used switzerland 2016 to 2020 stamps and miniature sheets. Want list only In need modern switzerland. But can offer 50 / 100 world wide stamps for the same in return. Please note that I have no Irish for exchange
0 Irl
  • Masahiko Shimizu
    3-4-1-705 Kawahara-dori Syowa-ku Nagoya
    An tSeapáin - Japan
    Web Site
    Interests: I want to collect the stamps of all nations over the world, namely 192 nations, if possible. I got more than 20,000 used commemorative stamps of Japan to exchange with you. How wonderful it will be to see and image, with sitting on the sofa, scenery, life, culture, tradition, human being, animals, plants, and so on, from stamps of each nations, looking for them on the map. I am a pharmacist from Japan who is much interested in the languages of native written form all over the world. Visit my home page. (Change your nation’s code to Japan code. And check and click the sentence in English) I want to make a corner of postage stamps of the world on my home page.
+ j
  • Joseph Farrugia
    Biancville Phillip Farrugia Str Zurrieq ZEQ 2263
    An Mailt-Malta

    Interests: WW stamps, Particular interest for Eire and Commonwealth.
+ m
+ mal
  • John R Moyholm
    Lusetjermveien 36 C N - 1253 Oslo
    An n-Iorbhaidh - Norway

    Interests: I collect USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Cuba, South Africa mint or used stamps + special topical of interest: biblical, Nobel prize winners, Read Cross, Cats, Paintings, Maps, Flags…. I would like to trade on 50:50 basis. I offer: Belgium, recent German stamps or worldwide mix. Mint or used Norway on or of paper, new and old.
+ n
  • Jan Botman
    Kwartelstraat 17 1021 VX Amsterdam
    An Ísiltír - Netherlands
    Age if given: 53
    Interests: I want to exchange used stamps after 2000 of the following countries: Danmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France in exchange for used Dutch stamps or of the same countries mentioned. 50x50 or by wantlist.
+ nl
  • R.P. Dijkstra
    Rommesingel 9 NL 2641 VE Pijnacker
    An Ísiltír - Netherlands

    Interests: want to change stamps 50 GF Holland > 50 GF de France 1985-2010 and 50 GF Suisse > 50 GF de France
+ nl
  • Arie Noorland
    Buitenbassinweg 873 3063 TN Rotterdam
    An Ísiltír - Netherlands

    Interests: I can exchange stamps from my country for stamps from your country (minimum 100).
+ nl
  • Arnold Hamelink
    Molshoefweer 27 3363 JH Sliedrecht
    An Ísiltír - Netherlands

    Interests: I collect ww stamps and prefer blind swaps of 100x100 or 200x200, but we can discuss other values. Putting together 3 old worldwide big collections, so LOTS of stamps to exchange.
    Countries already available at the moment: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City.
0 nl
  • Neil Morey
    103 Cockerell Street Brockville Dunedin 9011
    An tSéalann Nua - New Zealand

    Interests: I am interested in receiving British Commonwealth Stamps with a portrait of King George V. I can swap the same or stamps from New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Japan and some early worldwide stamps
+ nz
  • Nuno Redondo
    Estrada de A-da-Maia 33 2D 1500-002 Lisboa
    An Phoirtingéil - Portugal

    Interests: I can offer belgian used stamps from years 1995 to 2006 and others stamps from others countries.
+ p
  • M Yasin Bhatti
    PO Box 2306 Sialkot
    An Phacaisteáin - Pakistan

    Interests: I am serious Stamps Collector and want to exchange Large Used undamaged Commemorative Stamps of my Country on 1:1 basis with your Country. Duplicate Stamps upto 5 each will be no problem. I can exchange 100-200-500 Stamps each time. Please always use Registered Airmail.
+ pk
  • Mazhar Ali Qureshi
    House #101-7A Street #9 Peshawar
    An Phacastáin - Pakistan

    Interests: Exchange used and mint stamps on one to one, 100 / 200 at a time. Collect worldwide stamps.
+ pk
  • M. Yasin Bhatti (Advocate)
    H. No. 11/10 Neka Pura Sialkot - 51310
    An Phacastáin - Pakistan

    Interests: I am Stamps Collector and can offer Used Commemorative Pakistani Stamps on 1:1 basis against your Country or Worldwide. Wants to Trade 100-200-500-1000 Stamps each time. Duplicate Stamps upto 5 each will be no problem.
    I can also offer Pakistani Mint Stamps, FDCs, Leaflet etc. from year 2000 - 2020 at Face Value or on yearly basis or Stanley Gibbons / Scott Catalogues.
0 pk
  • Dr Jerzy PLAZEWSK
    ul Jaracza 10/6,PL-00378 Warszawa
    An Pholainn - Poland
    (Film Critic)
    Interests: I'm interested in better stamps 1840-1912 worldwide,mainly Asia-Africa,offer - the same.I'm also interested for missing cancelled stamps 1945-1995 (accordingly want lists) from Argentina,Canada,Danemark,Finland,Great Britain,Ireland,Italia, JapanNetherlandPhilippinas,Sweden,Tunesien,Turkey,USA,Vietnam and 1920-1941 URSS.,always based on german Michel Katalog.I offer nearly 100% mind and cancelled Poland your or my choice,also URSS,DDR,Switzerland.Answer each letter!
+ pl
  • Karol Nowysz
    02-646 Warszawa ul. Fr. Joliot Curie 7A m.2
    An Pholainn - Poland

    Interests: I am interested in mint stamps in complete sets of fauna , flora, painting. In exchange I would send Polish and others countries
+ pl
  • José Carlos Fernandes
    Rua Armando de Lucena Lote 1-1° esquerdo 1300-170 Lisboa
    An Poirtingéil - Portugal

    Interests: Interested in WW used stamps 100 each trade.
    Offer the same!
0 pt
  • Alfredo P Seletti
    Sargento Cabral 1168 2506 Correa (Pcia Santa Fe)
    An Airgintín - Argentina

    Interests: Need. France and Germany ( all ). Wantlist catalog Yvert / Michel.
    Offer, Argentina.
0 RA
  • Jorge Costa
    Sarmiento 892 San Jorge CP 2451
    An Airgintín - Argentina

    Interests: Deseo sellos USA.-Brasil---Italia---España---Alemania toda ( Reich—DDR—Bundes—Berlin---Danzig—Saar---Wutemberg---Bayern---Posesiones…) anteriores a 2011.
    Ofrezco de todo el mundo. Canje por scaner o lista de faltas.
0 RA
  • Wendy-Shanghai
    Room 402 Number 69 2525th WuNing Road 200333 Shanghai
    An tSín - China

    Interests: I have collected Chinese stamps since 1992. They are all new and beautiful stamps. I hope to swap these stamps with the people all over the world who are interested in Chinese culture.
+ rc
  • Li Xin
    10 Lou 5 danyuan 203 hao Xihuanli Changping Beijing 102200
    An t-Sín - China

    Interests: I am in China. I want to collect overprinted stamps of ARMENIA, AZERBAIJAN, BELARUS, ESTONIA, GEORGIA, KAZAKHSTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, MOLDOVA, RUSSIA, TAJIKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN, UKRAINE, UZBEKISTAN. They are must MINT and complete. I collect complete stamps of TURKMENISTAN, New IRAQ and BOSNIA-H, CROATIA, KOSOVO, MACEDONIA, SERBIA too I can provide MINT and used stamps more than 35 countries. You can tell me what your subject is. I only collect MINT stamp ,don’t exchange used stamps with me.
+ rc
  • Alex Torbeni
    Jalan Dewata 1 No 1A Denpasar Bali
    An Indinéis - Indonesia

    I do not collect used stamps,but I can send you used stamps in exchange of mint stamps.I have recent indonesian mint stamps for exchange,however,I do not have old issue of mint indonesian stamps for exchange.
0 RI
  • Petrescu Marian Florin
    PO Box 6 Of Postal 14 2000 Ploiesti
    An Romáin - Romania

    Interests: Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, transportation) from whole world countries. Offer mint or used sets, M/Sh, FDC's, MC's, stationary topicals issues from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, ex-USSR countries, China P.R., Cuba. Basis exchange "Scott" or "Michel" catalogues. Corresp. English or French
+ ro
  • George Savulescu
    69 Clucereasa Elena Str 2-Bucharest - 011552
    An Romáin - Romania

    Interests: Interests: Want mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Birds ) from whole world countries.
    Also complete sets MNH from GB and Canada ( 2010 – 2020 ) French Colonies 1900 – 1960 , some can be used . Offer mint sets from Austria , France , Germany , Lichtenstein , Switzerland , GB , Canada , Romania, ex-USSR countries.
    Basis exchange "Michel" .
0 ro
  • Tudorache Marius
    Str. TS Saveanu Nr. 30 Bl. D5 Sc. A Ap.1 Mangalia Constanta 905500
    An Romáin - Romania

    Interests: I have some favorites, my themes are: Europa CEPT, Wwf, Flora & Fauna, Easter & Christmas stamps, Military stuff, etc. I prefer MNH
    I also send MNH.
    Profitable exchanges everyone and good luck!
0 ro
  • Edward L Lee
    628 Madrid Street Binondo Manila 1006
    Na Philipíní - The Phillipines

    Interests: interested in swapping used large GB, Australia, US, etc. ffor worldwide. 100 x 100 per letter. Please email first before sending.
+ rp
  • Guido & Phillipe Poppe

    Na Philipíní - The Phillipines
    Interests: "Pope Stamps offers thousands of stamps for sale by theme or country. Every week we add new stamps online."
+ rp
  • Герман Тарновский (German Tarnovskiy)
    PO Box 55 191024 Saint Petersburg
    An Rúis - Russia

    Interests: I search for partners in an exchange of philatelic materials. I offer a various material. I collect stamps, envelopes, postcards and special clearing only on themes: cars, motorcycles and traffic safety.
+ rus
  • Gerasimova Toria
    PO Box #17 Moscow 125481
    An Rúis - Russia

    Interests: I can offer you mint Russia (from 2014-2020) and USSR stamps (1961-1991). Also I have many stamps on different themes of other countries. Only MNH.
    I need stamps on these themes: fauna, ships, aviation, trains and sport. Only MINT in complete sets.
    I prefer to use Michel catalog.
0 rus
  • < href="">Mats Jensen
    Andvägen 4 441 40 Alingsas
    An tSualainn - Sweden

    Interests: Seek: All colonies before 1950 , Westeurope before 1950 + US before 1950. Prefer used
    Offer: Scandinavia mint and used , Europe mint and used , colonies , WW , themes + FDC
    Been collecting over 55 years so there are a lot of stamps to offer. Prefer exchange with wantlist and the same catalogue value.
0 s
  • Anders Martinson
    Döbelnsgatan 1 451 52 Uddevalla
    An tSualainn - Sweden

    Interests: I need PDFs of stamp-catalogues. Michel: Asia, America, Africa , Oceania and Asia. Preferably not older than 10 years.
    In exchange I offer stamps from Sweden, Germany, Italy and many more countries.
    Please give me your requests.
0 s
  • Stanislav Levarsky
    Albrechtova 7 82103 Bratilslava 2
    An tSlobhac - Slovakia

    Interests: I want to exchange worldwide used stamps on basis 1:1. No wantlists. I can offer also to exchange Slovak FDCs for world wide FDCs.
+ sk
  • J Soysa
    174 Havelock Road Columbo 05
    Srí Lanca - Sri Lanka

    Interests: I like to exchange Sri Lanka stamps old or mint with any collector from any country. 25 stamps at a time.
+ sl
  • Edward Kenny
    846 /3 Kategewatta Road Ragama 11010
    Srí Lanca - Sri Lanka

    Interests: I am interested in exchangeing Sri Lanka and worldwide stamps
0 sl
  • Iztok Meglic
    Linhartova 45 1000 Ljubljana
    An tSlobhéin - Slovenia

    Interests: Like to exchange used European stamps by want lists if possible
+ slo
  • Heni Jegham
    3 rue Pasteur 4011 Hammam Sousse
    An Túinéis - Tunis-Tunisia

    Interests: I’m interested in full mint stamps for butterflies, owl, anime ..
    I can offer in return Tunisian mint stamps
0 tn
  • Akinsal Akinci

    An Tuirc - Turkey

    Interests: I would like to exchange used for used, MNH to MNH based on Michel based wantlists. I am collecting used Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, France, Greenland, Iceland, Slovenia, Berlin, Norway and MNH complete sets of Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Turkey. In return I can offer used/MNH Western Europe issues and MNH Turkey and Turkish Cyprus complete sets. Please send me an e-mail if you are willing to exchange only good quality stamps.
+ tr
  • Dmitriy Onischenko

    An Ucráin - Ukraine

    Interests: Offer MNH Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and other ex-USSR issues; Ukraine CTO, FDCs, Maxicards; MNH China 2016-2017 year sets; MNH recent Poland, African countries from mid 2000s.
    Need MNH recent Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Australia, British Commonwealth, French overseas, other countries are welcome as well.

    Prefer registered mail.
+ ua
  • William Huzar
    7506 Whisper Roads ct New port Richey Fla 34655
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I have hundreds of stamps from the 30's, 40's and later. stamps are from all over the world, in all languages. many were sent from germamy to isreal in 1941. stamps of many leaders of their countries. I have know idea of what they are worth.
+ usa
  • Axel Dellenbusch
    244 Sunny Jim Drive Medford NJ 08055
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I collect stamps of Monaco (MNH) and all stamps etc with regards to the famous dutch painter “Rembrandt”. I offer stamps from Germany, GDR, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Liechtenstein, Hungary. I also have a good collection of booklets from Germany/Berlin, Switzerland and the Netherlands. I hope someone will reply. I want to exchange stamps based on MICHEL catalog if possible.
+ usa
  • Frank Hymus
    280 Greenfield Road Bridgewater NJ 08807-3709
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I am interested in exchanging contemporary commemorative used stamps by country. I am interested especially in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China/Hong Kong, South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand, France, New Zealand and Germany. I can offer in return especially from USA, Australia and Canada. For a start, let’s exchange like packets of 50-100. I am also interested in exchanging covers (regular mail, not FDC) of all new issue stamps from your country. I will send USA covers. I look for Japan, Germany, South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand or France especially.  I will supply only premium quality stamps, and I would expect the same from you. Drop me an email or regular postal letter.
+ usa
  • Jean-Claude Linossi
    517 Bass Lake Drive Pisgah Forest NC 28768
    SAM - USA

    Interests: Want to swap used stamps from USA and WW for used stamps from western Europe, especially Scandinavia and Portugal.
+ usa
  • L E Charboneau
    PO Box 457 Warrentown Missouri 63383
    SAM - USA

+ usa
  • Tom Vonderharr
    5055 Johnson St NE Columbia Heights MN 55421
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I collect worldwide and would like to find serious collectors who can trade using my duplicate and want lists. You select what you want from my duplicate list and send me a equal amount from my want list. I will also sell all my duplicates at 40% of 2007 Scott value.
+ usa
  • Pierre Hahn
    1388 Gough St #1102 San Francisco CA 94109
    SAM - USA

    Interests: Interested in MNH current sets of France postal and semi-postal in exchange for same of USA
+ usa
  • Larry Biddle
    5530 Belmore Court Stansbury Park Utah 84074
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I collect used stamps of South Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Great Britain and will exchange for similar used stamps of preferably USA or, if available, South Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, or Great Britain on a 1:1 and generally same time period basis, i.e. stamps from 1970s for stamps from 1970s or stamps from 1990s for stamps from 1990s, unless I do not have stamps from that period. Please specify which country is preferred. I prefer trading lots of from 20 to 40 stamps at a time. I will answer all inquiries.
+ usa
  • David Tomsovic
    183 Flournoy Street. Daly City CA 94014
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I collect Postally Used France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Philippines (1930s to 1980s). I have many hundreds of Postally Used stamps from Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia at 1:1 exchange Postally Used stamp for Postally Used stamp. If you collect topical theme stamps (birds, flowers, fish, famous people, space, animals, sports, Olympics, history, boats, planes), please email for your interests. Also would exchange PERFIN stamps, at 1:1 exchange of One Perfin for One Perfin. I collect Perfin Stamps from France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, South America, Cuba, Germany, Turkey, Italy.
+ usa
  • Dave Rotthoff
    19875 Diamond Hill Court North Fort Myres FL 33903
    SAM - USA

    Interests: Will swap 100 different worldwide [mostly pre-1975] for 50 different Great Britain/current Commonwealth nations [1975-2011].
+ usa
  • George Henretty
    12454 Vernon St Meadowvale PA 16335
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I will exchange 50 older USA Stamps for 50 older Stamps from your country.
0 usa
  • Rich Landman
    258 Alpine Drive Winter Haven FL33881-9553
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I have lots of worldwide stamps to exchange for other worldwide stamps.
    Prefer Western Europe but all over the world is good too. Prefer from 2000 onwards.
0 usa
  • Mayra Rivera
    P O BOX 6474 Bayamon Puerto Rico 00960
    SAM - USA

    Interests: I'm interested to change worldwide used stamps for all countries.
    Change basis 100 to 100 stamps.
0 usa
  • Andrea Bwalya
    Fort Hares Flori-organic Gardens PO Box 450114 Mpika
    An tSaimbia - Zambia

    Interests: "I am Andrew Bwalya from Mpika Zambia,a small farmer, my interests are: "
    Reading, Letter Writing Pets Penfriends Photography Gardening and Exchange of Gifts.
0 z