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An Caorán, Baile na hAbhann, Conamara, Co Galway, Ireland.
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It is possible to advertise both in Read-out, Ireland's journal of instrumentation, control and automation, which circulates to approx 2500 named automation professionals throughout Ireland, and on the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost, which is visited by up to 6000 visitors per week.

UK £ Prices for Advertisements in Readout - January 2009
Prices have remained unchanged since 2004

(Prices hold for countries outside the Euro Zone and the Sterling Area. Non-VAT registered members of European Union are subject to Value Added Tax @ 21.5%.)

Size Dimensions
These sizes are for guidance only the page size is A4 and bleeds are allowed.
Double Page 390x257 mm £ 1600.00

Single Page 180x275 mm £ 1,100.00

2/3 Page 120x257 mm
180x192 mm (H)
£ 1000.00

1/2 Page 180x128 (H)
87x257 (V)
£ 860
1/3 Page 180x86 (Horz)
£ 670.00

1/4 Page 87x128 mm(Vert)
64x180 mm (Vert)
80x64 mm (Horz)
128x87 MM (Horz)
£ 600.00

1/8 Page 180x30 (Horz) £ 360.00

Special prices available for appointment and educational advertisements

Literature Advert 57x64 mm (Vert) £ 75.00
This comprises a picture of item of literature and brief text description with company name and telephone and/or email address or with web URL
Loose Insert A4 or less £ 860.00
This is weight dependent and doubtful items should be sent to us for assessment.
Mailing List Mailing List in tab separated format c/w with telephone and fax numbers and email addresses where available. £ 1200.00

Contact the Readout office by fax on +353 91 506872 or email on if you have any queries.
Payments may be mailed to Readout, Caorán, Baile na hAbhann, Co Galway, Ireland.