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Caorán; 10 Lúnasa 2009: A new event logger module from Byres Security features on the front page of this issue of Read-out, Ireland's journal of instrumentation, control and automation. The Tofino™ Event Logger will provide added SCADA security by protecting data loss. Full details will be made available outside of Ireland when the product is officially launched on 1st September 2009.
1/9/2009: There are more details on this now on our Blog: Event Logger made for the SCADA world

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The recent visit of Professor Jerry Cockerell, President of the International Society of Automation (ISA) also features prominantly in this issue. He visited the ISA Ireland section and also a number of local companies and University College Cork and the Cork Institute of Technology. Professor Cockerell is Professor of Electronics & Computer Engineering at Indiana State University in the USA.

As this issue highlighted SCADA and loggers, an extract from Marin & Hales's recently published Automation made Easy dealing with SCADA is the insidefront feature article. This answers questions on SCADA, what it stands for and its applications.

Company news includes birthday greetings for Francis Lovering's Controldraw which was also recently awarded the WBF's Guido Carlo-Stella award.
The announcement that ELGA Process Water has been appointed to market the Intellisonde™ here is announced, a significant one in that there have been a number of drinking water problems here in the last few years.

As this is the summer issue there is little news of events though the news that the Southern Energy & Sustainable Manufacturing Exhibition has been deferred to October 2010 will surprise few.
The MEDTEC Ireland Conference & Exhibition - scheduled for Galway at the end of this September - continues to grow.

Among the products discussed in this issue is the Gemini's Tinytag logger unit supplied by Manotherm, who also advertise in this issue. In fact Manotherm are the most consistant advertiser is Read-out since it's inception having featured in every issue.
A report on the new Proficacy® workflow for the water/wastewater industry and marketed through P J Boner & Co is also featured though the report was with the printer before we could report on the recent news of GE and Fanuc agreeing to part the ways. This should not in fact effect their marketing activities in Ireland.
Details of Yokagawa's FAST/TOOLS SCADA system are given though inadvertantly marketing was attributed in Ireland to Irish Power & Process. In fact while IPP distributes Yokogawa's process instruments, systems products such as SCADA, DCS, PIMS or MES solutions are sold and serviced through the Yokogawa Dublin office in Clondalkin. A correction will appear in the next issue.
Provideam is an Irish company offering a manual OEE module which has many advantages of=ver paper- or Excel-based approaches. Attention is drawn to their Online Training : Provideam Manual Data Entry. It is good to have an Irish accent on this training resource as we have become so accustomed to American, English or other European accents!
Mitsubishi Electric's MES IT module is also discussed. This ensures that critical and reliable data is available to all the decision makers in real time.

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