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NEWS System testing of advanced 3D chips wins award. - Imec has announced the successful development of a fully-automatic system for pre-bond testing of advanced 3D chips. The relevance of this new tool is underlined by winning the 2017 National Instruments Engineering Impact Award at a ceremony in Austin (TX USA)

NEWS Takeover strengthens IIoT and Industrie 4.0 offering. - The Taiwanese company Etherwan System Inc has been acquired by Phoenix Contact The company which is located in New-Taipei is a manufacturer for Ethernet communication technology in automation.

NEWS Support of Irish engineering community rewarded! - The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has awarded Lilly Kinsale with Gold Corporate Partner status. Lilly was awarded with gold for demonstrating an ongoing commitment to supporting Irish undergraduate engineering students through its Kinsale manufacturing operation.


Mike Cafferkey

Mike Cafferkey has joined Mitsubishi Electric in Ireland as an Automation Controls Engineer.

PRODUCT Accelerating design and build of automated test systems. - National Instruments have announced new ATE Core Configurations which deliver core mechanical, power and safety infrastructure to help users accelerate the design and build of automated test systems in industries ranging from semiconductor and consumer electronics to aerospace and automotive.

PRODUCT Field reader. - Harting has expanded its UHF RFID product range for demanding industrial and rail sector applications with the addition of a new version of the 4 Field Reader, featuring built-in M8 and M12 connectors to complement its excellent range of RFID solutions.

publications" The secret is better control. - This book, Real-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise, from the authoritive pens of Peter Martin and Walt Boyes, explains both why not and how better controls can be applied to the supply chain, and to enterprise financial management.

PRODUCT Heated humidity sensors. - The HMC03M humidity sensor from E+E Elektronik is dedicated for use in radiosondes and weather balloons. The sensor is characterized by a short response time even at low temperature. An integrated heating resistor ensures an excellent measuring performance under condensation and icing conditions. This makes the sensor ideal for weather observations in the upper atmosphere.

PRODUCT Angular position sensors. - ZF Switches & Sensors can now offer designers a complete range of angular position sensors based on Hall Effect technology which responds to magnetic fields generated by a (rare-earth) magnet. The sensors provide a linear change in voltage output corresponding to the rotation of the actuator.

PRODUCT Metal-seated ball valves. - Emerson has introduced the Fisher™ Z500 line of metal-seated ball valves to its severe service portfolio.

PRODUCT Multislot Ethernet chasses. - National Instruments (NI) have announced the release of two new multislot Ethernet chassis at their annual NI Week in Austin (TX USA). The cDAQ-9185 and cDAQ-9189 introduce new time-based synchronization built on the latest Ethernet standards, furthering NI’s efforts in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and rugged CompactDAQ hardware for distributed measurements.

publications" Back in harness... - After an enforced two-month absense we welcome a return of the Industrial Automation Insider (IAI).

Organisations The inspiration of the parabolic curve! - Parabolic flow curves were the inspiration for the new logo for the Measurement, Control & Automation Association which was debuted at the MCAA Industry Forum last month in Atlanta (USA). As well, a completely redesigned website,, was rolled out to the more than 240 attendees at the meeting.

Organisations Seeking to represent process engineering. - There are two excellent candidates whose names are before the membership and who represent the processing and automation disciplines in Ireland. These are John O'Sullivan of Douglas Control & Automation and Kieran Fallon of DPS Engineering.

Standards International interoperable wireless! - The ISA100 Wireless™ Compliance Institute (WCI) recently conducted a successful interoperability event that featured more than 20 devices from 13 different suppliers.

PRODUCT Miniature triaxial accelerometer. - The new Type 8766A lightweight, triaxial accelerometer from Kistler Instruments uses the, patented PiezoStar® crystal developed by Kistler to provide ultra-stable performance with very little sensitivity deviation with temperature changes. Over a temperature range of -50°C to +165°C a PiezoStar® sensor has a sensitivity deviation with temperature which is over thirty times better than a similar quartz sensor.

website Serving Russia & Spain. - Full information about the Michell Instruments' ranges of humidity and oxygen sensors and analysers is now available in Russian and Spanish via two new language websites.

PRODUCT SIL 3 certified single controller for water and steam. - Emerson's water and steam detection system is the world's first single controller solution to be certified to IEC 61508 for safety instrumented functions up to SIL 3.


Michael Nielson

The ETAL Group has named Michael Nielsen as Global Sales Manager.

NEWS Discount from leading predictive maintenance leader. - Senseye is celebrating its global recognition as a predictive maintenance leader with its automated condition monitoring and prognostics product by offering a limited discount to new customers in June 2017.

PRODUCT LIMS web portal! - A web portal for the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) has been announced by Autoscribe Informatics. This allows third parties who do not use Matrix Gemini directly, but have a legitimate need to access relevant data, to be able to view and download reports and metrics produced in Matrix Gemini.

NEWS Winning Gold! - Following a highly successful collaboration stretching over five years, the global instrumentation manufacturer TSI Inc. has awarded Ashtead Technology the prestigious title of 'Gold Channel Partner.'



Sensor+Test 2017
"The Measurement Fair!"
30/05/2017 to 1/06/2017
Nuremberg (D)

InterSolar Europe 2017
"The world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners!"
31/05/2017 to 2/06/2017
Munich (D)

2nd Annual National Sales and Marketing Summit
co located with
Grow your own business On-line
& Techconnect Live

Dublin (IRL)

TechConnect Live
Exhibition & Seminars
Dublin (IRL)

Certified Profibus Installer Course
Manchester (GB)

PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance Course
Manchester (GB)

Control Fundamentals
ISC Training Course
6/06/2017 to 8/06/2017
Glasgow (GB)

MEMS & Sensors
15th Annual Technology Symposium
San Jose (CA USA)

Advances in Automation & Control
IChemE Conference
12/06/2017 to 14/06/2017
Birmingham (GB)

3rd National Construction Summit
Conference & exhibtion
Dublin (IRL)

Developing the Life Sciences Landscape Together
14/06/2017 to 15/06/2017
Dublin (IRL)

Data Summit
"What the Data Society means to you!"
15/06/2017 to 16/06/2017
Dublin (IRL)

ISA LDAR Symposium
Leak Detection and Repair – Fugitive Emissions 
19/06/2017 to 22/06/2017
Galveston (TX USA)

Coil Winding expo.
20/06/2017 to 22/06/2017
Berln (D)

UK Robotics Week

24/06/2017 to 30/06/2017
Throughout Britain

POWID Symposium 2017
ISA Power Industry Division Symposium
26/06/2017 to 29/06/2017
Cleveland (OH USA)

Sensors Expo & Conference

27/06/2017 to 29/06/2017
San Jose (CA USA)

PCIM Asia 2017
Power Electronics; Intelligent Motion; Renewable Energy; Energy Management.
27/06/2017 to 29/06/2017
Shanghai (CN)

H-Workload 2017
1st International Symposium on Human Mental Workload: Models and Applications
28/06/2017 to 30/06/2017
Dublin (IRL)

9th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2017

29/06/2017 to 30/06/2017

Contact Vogel China
WCCE 2017
IFIP TC3 World Conference on Computers in Education
omorrow’s learning: Involving everyone

2/07/2017 to 6/07/2017
Dublin (IRL)

4th ISA EMEA Conference & Exhibition

5/07/2017 to 6/07/2017
Milan (I)

Automation Instrumentation Summit
5/07/2017 to 6/07/2017
Milan (I)

ARC's 15th India Forum
Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise
6/07/2017 to 7/07/2017
Bangalore (IND)

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  • PARCO upgrades with Honeywell and UOP
  • Emerson finally buys Mynah
  • Could Industrie 4.0 attract foreign direct investment into Africa?
  • MESA Africa and where it is headed in the fourth industrial era
  • Fluke introduces Accelix platform
  • Cypress Envirosystems’ Big Win

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