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30 April 2017
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NEWS Acquisition gives access to previously underexploited markets. - The Kistler Group has acquired Schatz AG in Remscheid (D). This acquisition gives the Kistler Group new potential applications in quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. The Schatz Group can now market its systems through Kistler's global sales network, giving it access to previously underexploited markets.
Leonardo Aguirre
ZF Switches and Sensors have appointed Leonardo Aguirre as their new Business Development Manager.

PRODUCT Collars & couplings. - An expanded line of metric shaft collars, couplings, and mounting components suited for mechanical drive systems and structural applications has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington (MA USA).

Education and Research Programming language courses. - Alison, the large free e-learning platform, has launched two new courses on popular programming language R. Although R is sometimes seen as a simpler programming language than others, there is a steep learning curve to begin with as it uses a different syntax model to most common languages.

PRODUCT Solinoid valve offer. - Humphrey Products Company is offering a test valve free of charge to design engineers seeking to evaluate and specify solenoid control valves for current or future machine development.

NEWS Strategic alliance advances automation portfolios. - Yokogawa and eSimulation, recently entered into a strategic alliance, which will significantly expand the advanced automation solution portfolios of both companies to bring enhanced value to the North American oil and gas midstream industry.

webinarGAMP5 complience in pharma industry. - Itris Automation will be hosting a webinar in March 2017 to demonstrate how PLC Checker can help pharmaceutical companies more efficiently verify and document the GAMP 5 compliance of their PLC programs.

APPLICATION The 'ins and outs' of air quality monitoring! - Jim Mills, Managing Director of Air Monitors Ltd, explains why there will need to be more funding for monitoring if the mitigation measures mentioned in the guidance are to be implemented effectively. Jim also highlights the close relationship between outdoor air quality and the (often ignored) problems with indoor air quality.

NEWS Marking 30 years in electronic test! - To mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of Seica S.p.A, President, Mr. Antonio Grassino and General Manager, Ms. Barbara Duvall, hosted a gala dinner last month. The event was held in conjunction with the Kick off Sales meeting, a biannual event for Seica’s global sales network.

PRODUCT Stakeless earth ground clamp. - Fluke's® 1630-2 FC Stakeless Earth Ground Clamp allows electricians and maintenance technicians to measure earth ground loop resistances indoors/outdoors for multi-grounded systems using only the heavy-duty, dual-clamp jaw, so measurements can be taken quickly and safely without the need to disconnect then reconnect the earth electrode from the system.

PRODUCT Integral torque indicator! - The compact DRBK-A rotary torque transducer from Applied Measurements, comes with a built-in display so there’s no need to buy additional instrumentation, promising a low cost, space saving rotary torque measurement system

publications" The latest Read-out - Now in the post boxes of Ireland's automation professionals and emailed to international subscribers is the latest issue of Irelands journal of Instrumentation, Control and Automation.

PRODUCT Rotary angle measurement. - Variohm EuroSensor are supplying Contelec's Vert-X 79 magnetic rotary encoder designed for high accuracy angular measurement on construction machines and heavy-duty mobile vehicle applications where extreme conditions call for the highest levels of durability.

Standards Industrial cybersecurity in the US national strategy. - A recent Bloomberg LIVE conference was addressed by Patrick J. Gouhin, Executive Director and CEO of the International Society of Automation, spoke on the future of cybersecurity in the US oil and gas sector, urged energy executives to take action now to protect their facilities and operations from cyberattack.

PRODUCT Efficient automated label printing. - The new Data Automation app from Brady Workstation uses already available data to automatically create identification labels for components, cables, products and packages.

PRODUCT Upgrade for "All-in-One Instrument!" - The VB-8054 instrument, from National Instruments (NI), is a new higher performance model of VirtualBench. VirtualBench* plays a key role in reducing the cost and footprint of test and measurement systems by consolidating five of the most commonly used instruments into one device without compromising the performance of each instrument.



The ATEX Directives
Pilz Machinery Safety Training
Cork (IRL)

Hazardex 2017
Conference & exhibtion
2/03/2017 to 3/03/2017
Runcorn (GB)

Certified Profibus Installer Course
Manchester (GB)

PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance Course
Manchester (GB)

Advanced Engineering 2017
Conference & exhibtion
8/03/2017 to 9/03/2017
Göteborg (S)

Smart Systems Integration
International Conference and Exhibition
8/03/2017 to 9/03/2017
Cork (IRL)

Machinery Directive inc. CE Marking
Pilz Machinery Safety Training
Cork (IRL)

Embedded World
Exhibition & Conference
14/03/2017 to 16/03/2017
Nuremberg (D)

Introduction to Process Control.
ISC Training Course
Glasgow (GB)

European Smart Grid Cyber Security
Conference (Last day is Workshop)
21/03/2017 to 23/03/2017
London (GB)

17th Southen Manucaturing & Electronics
Exhibition & Seminars
21/03/2017 to 23/03/2017
Farnborough (GB)

APEC 2017
Applied power electronics conference
26/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
Tampa (FL USA)

EMC 2017
Tradefair with workshops for electromagnetic compatibility
28/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
Stuttgart (D)

Environmental Noise & Vibration Monitoring
Sharnbrook Beds (GB)

Practical Aspects of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
Manchester (GB)

Wonderware Next Generation Roadshow.

Cork (IRL)

SIL & The Process Safety Lifecycle
Pilz Machinery Safety Training
Cork (IRL)

Automate 2017
Conference & exhibtion
3/04/2017 to 6/04/2017
Chicago (IL USA)

Industry 4.0 Summit
Conference co located with Factories of the Future Expo.
4/04/2017 to 5/04/2017
Manchester (GB)

IWIP 2017
International Workshop on Power Packaging.
5/04/2017 to 7/04/2017
Delft (NL)

LOTO - Lock out Tag out
Pilz Machinery Safety Training
Cork (IRL)

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