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  • APPLICATION Why PLCs fail! - Boulting Technology has released an infographic to help engineers mitigate problems with programmable logic controller (PLC) based control systems. The handy guide highlights the top five causes of failure and can be downloaded, free of charge, from their news page.

    PRODUCT Hygienic conductivity sensor. - s Endress+Hauser four-electrode sensor measures conductivity and temperature in pharmaceutical, food and life sciences applications requiring hygienic operation.

    APPLICATION Boosting sugarcane delivery at Thai plant. - A Control Techniques Unidrive M600 variable speed drive is helping a major sugar plant in Thailand to guarantee the efficient delivery of sugarcane between processes.

    EVENTS Cybersecurity under scrutiny at conference! - Security and automation professionals from various industries will gather next week in Atlanta, Georgia at the 2016 edition of SecurityWeek's ICS Cyber Security Conference, the longest-running event of its kind.

    APPLICATION Automated temp monitoring! - Testo has supplied its latest temperature and humidity data logging system, Saveris 2, to Stansted Laboratories' facility in Barking (GB). It specialises in microbiological analysis of water and air, with its main income derived from Legionella testing of water and drinking water bacteriological analysis.

    APPLICATION AC/DC Drives for oil rig cranes! - A US-based specialist in the supply of complete electrical packages for oil rig cranes is using Control Techniques AC and DC drives as part of a landmark $500,000+ order involving the upgrade of 10 LeTourneau cranes.

    Research & Education Automation training centre for Saudi college. - Industry and workforce development officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are celebrating the October opening of an ISA training centre at the Jubail Industrial College in the country's Eastern province as a major step forward in positioning the region for ongoing economic growth and industrial innovation.

    PRODUCT Linearization and Teach! - Thanks to linearised calibration curves and very low standard dispersion rates, the new distance-measuring inductive sensors IR08, IR12 and IR18 from the Baumer AlphaProx family offer easy and reasonably priced analysis of the measurement results without any additional cost or effort for programming.

    PRODUCT Platform combines communication and control. - The rugged Graphite® platform has been expanded by Red Lion Controls, to include a new Graphite Core Controller and Graphite Crimson® Control Module that combine communication and control capabilities to reduce cost and ease operations.

    PRODUCT Electrical test lead sets. - In response to increasing numbers of enquiries for replacement test leads and enquiries for types of lead sets not available from other suppliers Cliff Electronics now offer end users a very comprehensive range of standard test lead sets and are happy to provide custom solutions where required.

    PRODUCT Ethernet connection system expanded. - Harting has expanded its preLink® integrated Ethernet connection system with new versions of the preLink® termination block for interfacing with PROFINET, industrial Ethernet and ultra-flexible cables, typically used on robots.

    PRODUCT EGM on Coriolis mass flowmeters. - Entrained Gas Management EGM technology is now available for all Krohne OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters.

    PRODUCT Mid range temperature transmitter. - The YTA610 temperature transmitter has been released by Yokogawa. Although the YTA610 is a mid-range model, it has the same dual-compartment housing for the transmitter terminal block and electronics that is used with the company's high-end models, ensuring excellent environmental resistance.

    PRODUCT Gas analyser for hydrogen-cooled generators. - Michell Instruments' XTC601 for hydrogen cooled generators has been designed with three phase profiles to cover all of the gas analysis requirements for operation and maintenance.

    PRODUCT Pressure transducers for absolute or gauge pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust. - The Cerabar PMP11, 21 and 23 pressure transducers, just introduced by Endress+Hauser, measure up to 6,000 psi and are factory spanable to specific application requirements. The transducers are available with threaded or welded hygienic process connections, meet a variety of industry standards including FDA, FM, IEC and Ex, and provide 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc output signals.

    PRODUCT Multi rotary switch. - The Cyber One multi rotary switch from leading HMI manufacturer ELMA is now available from Foremost Electronics. Cyber One is a splash proof, versatile, force feed-back encoder with push button function and RGB backlit illumination.

    PRODUCT Autonomous vehicle testing. - National Instruments (NI) has released VeriStand 2016, the latest version of its software used by embedded software test engineers to build and run hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) verification systems.

    PRODUCT Hydrogen sensor. - The Meridian Hydrogen sensor from Tyco Gas & Flame Detection comes standard with two user selectable gas ranges: 4% by Volume or 1% by Volume, and is ideal for Hydrogen detection in environments where Catalytic bead sensor use is impractical, or available power is limited.

    Standards Japanese approval for intrinsically safe transmitters. - The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been certified according to TIIS. The device, which already meets the relevant requirements for Europe and North America (ATEX, IECEx, FM), may now be employed in Japan as well. TIIS-certified EE300Ex devices can be obtained from the Japanese E+E sales partner TEKHNE Trading Co., Ltd.

    Aidan HubbardAcSoft has appointed Aidan Hubbard (above) as Sales Engineer and Rebecca Lever as Internal Sales Executive.
    Rebecca Lever

    PRODUCT Software enables faster adoption in expanding enterprise deployments. - R15 is the newest version of Seeq, the application for engineers and operations analysts in process manufacturing to rapidly achieve insights from asset and operations data. R15 accelerates all aspects of the user and organisation experience with Seeq, enabling broader adoption of current deployments in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and food and beverage industries.

    NEWS FID gas analysers distributorship in Britain. - The German manufacturer of gas analysers SK Elektronik (SKE), has appointed Quantitech as its exclusive distributor in Britain. SKE is a leading global provider of gas analysers based on the principle of Flame Ionisation Detection (FID).

    EVENTS Ethernet in process automation. - At a joint symposium, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and NAMUR e.V. discussed the use of Ethernet in the process industry. The goal of the event was to evaluate, coordinate and prioritize the requirements placed on an Ethernet communication system for process automation.

    PRODUCT Connecting machines to each other, the Internet and the cloud. - InduSoft has released Service Pack One of InduSoft Web Studio v8.0, adding major improvements to its award-winning software. Continuing the company's vision of any device, any network and any data - this new service pack improves existing HTML5 and custom widget capabilities, introduces an add-on conversion tool for FactoryTalk® applications, and enhances IoTView®.

    PRODUCT Remote management solution rebranded! - HMS Industrial Networks now offer the Netbiter Remote Management solution under the newly acquired brand name eWON®. Alongside eWON Cosy and Flexy, Netbiter will be one of the three main product lines within the eWON Remote Solutions offering.

    NEWS Shortlisted for IET award. - Plessey, a leading expert in the manufacture of lighting and sensing products and components, announced today that it has been shortlisted in the Healthcare Technologies category for its imPulse ECG monitor at The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Awards 2016.

    PRODUCT Touchscreen gloves. - The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves has been developed by Mujjo in response to requests from those in colder climates looking for touchscreen gloves with extra insulation. The extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation.

    NEWS SCADA portfolio strengthened! - SolutionsPT has become distributor for Citect in Ireland and Britain. Renowned for the development and application of SCADA and HMI solutions, the Citect brand is owned by Schneider Electric, and its range of products includes CitectSCADA, CitectHMI and CitectHistorian.



    Emerson Exchange
    "Accelerate your learning!"
    24/10/2016 to 28/10/2016
    Austin (TX)

    EC50 - Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification
    Part 2 - Advanced: Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (EC52)
    24/10/2016 to 25/10/2016
    Houston (TX USA)

    PLCs for Automation & Process Control
    IDC Training Course

    Risk Assesment Workshop
    Pilz Training
    Cork (IRL)

    Semicon Europa

    25/10/2016 to 27/10/2016
    Grenoble (F)

    Emerson Innovation Day!

    Dublin (IRL)

    EC50 - Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification
    Part 2 - Advanced: Advanced Design and SIL Verification (EC54)
    26/10/2016 to 26/10/2016
    Houston (TX USA)

    Designing, Specifying and Constructing with Modern Concrete
    IDC Training Course

    CAN 2020: The future of CAN technology
    "To inform and to discuss the future of CAN FD, CANopen FD, and J1939 on CAN FD"
    Essen (D)

    InstMC Public Lecture & Awards Event

    London (GB)

    Practical Troubleshooting & Problem Solving of Industrial Data Communications
    IDC Classroom Workshop
    1/11/2016 to 2/11/2016
    Manchester (GB)

    Industrial Automation Show
    Exhibition for factory & process automation, electrical systems, robotics & industrial automation IT & software.
    1/11/2016 to 5/11/2016
    Shanghai (CN)

    WWEM 2016

    2/11/2016 to 3/11/2016
    Telford (GB)

    Advanced Enginerring 2016
    Conference & Expo for Petroleum, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries
    2/11/2016 to 2/11/2016
    Birmingham (GB)

    LOTO - Lock Out Tag Out
    Pilz Training
    Cork (IRL)

    ADIPEC 2016
    Oil & Gas Industry
    7/11/2016 to 10/11/2016
    Abu Dhabi (UAE)

    PCS 2016
    ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition.
    7/11/2016 to 10/11/2016
    Houston (TX USA)

    Electronica 2016
    Electronic components, systems & applications
    8/11/2016 to 11/11/2016
    Munich (D)

    Functional Safety 2016
    InstMC International Conference
    8/11/2016 to 9/11/2016
    London (GB)

    CAN 2020: The future of CAN technology
    "To inform and to discuss the future of CAN FD, CANopen FD, and J1939 on CAN FD"
    Utrecht (NL)

    Wonderware Next Generation Conference

    8/11/2016 to 9/11/2016
    Telford (GB)

    Automation Fair 2016
    Rockwell Automation's annual users meeting!
    9/11/2016 to 10/11/2016
    Atlanta (GA USA)

    European Security Awareness Summit
    "building a high-impact security awareness programme" (SANS)
    9/11/2016 to 11/11/2016
    London (GB)

    Practical Aspects of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
    Manchester (GB)

    Practical Power Distribution
    IDC Classroom Workshop
    10/11/2016 to 11/11/2016
    Edinburgh (GB)

    Micro-Measurements training program
    Strain Gauge
    15/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
    Basingstoke (GB)

    Micro-Measurements training program
    Basingstoke (GB)

    SPS IPC Drives
    Electric Automation Systems & Components
    22/11/2016 to 24/11/2016
    Nuremberg (D)

    OPC-UA Development
    Certified workshop
    22/11/2016 to 24/11/2016
    Manchester (GB)

    Data Paraysis to Predictive Analysis
    ISPE/ISA Ireland Seminar
    Cork (IRL)

    AIMS 2016
    The Global Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Inspection Management for O&G and Energy EFC Summit.
    24/11/2016 to 25/11/2016
    Berlin (D)

    Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems
    IDC Training Course

    Practical Power System Protection for Engineers and Technicians
    IDC Classroom Workshop
    28/11/2016 to 29/11/2016
    Birmingham (GB)

    SmartSec Europe 2016
    Conference & exhibtion
    29/11/2016 to 30/11/2016
    Amsterdam (NL)

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